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Northern Colorado Communities

Explore Northern Colorado’s exceptional local communities

Bellvue, CO

Population: 1,673 (2016 est.)
Elevation: 5,134 ft

Part of the Fort Collins-Loveland metro area, Bellvue is a tiny Front Range community with a big view of the Rockies.

Berthoud, CO

Population: 6,368 (2016 est.)
Elevation: 5,030 ft

Berthoud touts itself as a town that’s proactive in planning for growth, while preserving and enhancing its rural character. One activity to this end is the Old Time Vintage Baseball game every June 5th on Annual Berthoud Day when players dressed in 1860s vintage uniforms swing the bats and try to abide by rules dating back to the Civil War.

Fort Collins, CO

Population: 164,207 (2016 est.)
Elevation: 5,003 ft

Situated north of Denver and tucked between the plains and the mountains, Fort Collins is the last city on Interstate 25 north before you hit the Wyoming border. It’s also a gateway city to northern Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park and Roosevelt National Forest. And it has plenty to offer on its own, including a well-deserved reputation as one of Colorado’s top craft-brewery hubs.

Greeley, CO

Population: 103,990 (2016 est.)
Elevation: 4,675 ft

Named for Horace Greeley, a New York newspaperman who urged young Americans to “Go West,” the city of Greeley was one of the first planned communities in the United States.

Johnstown, CO

Population: 15,389 (2016 est.)
Elevation: 4,852 ft

Located in the heart of the northern Front Range, Johnstown rests in a scenic farm valley.

Longmont, CO

Population: 94,341 (2016 est.)
Elevation: 4,984 ft

Founded in 1871 by a prominent group from Chicago, the city of Longmont was originally known as the Chicago-Colorado Colony. In honor of Longs Peak, the 14,259-foot mountain visible throughout town, settlers eventually renamed the city.

Loveland, CO

Population: 76,897 (2016 est.)
Elevation: 4,982 ft

Not to be confused with Loveland Ski Area (west of Denver) the town of Loveland actually rests north along the Front Range near Fort Collins. Colorado’s Sweetheart City has become famous for its Valentine’s Day love stamp program, but its bronze foundries, numerous galleries and local art program are equally impressive.

Milliken, CO

Population: 6,678 (2016 est.)
Elevation: 4,751 ft

Milliken is a vibrant and friendly small town, located at the confluence of the Big Thompson and South Platte rivers. Six miles east of I-25, Milliken offers a peaceful quality of life to its residents in a true rural Colorado setting.

Red Feather Lakes, CO

Population: 525 (2016 est.)
Elevation: 7,890 ft

Located in the Rocky Mountains northwest of Fort Collins, this rustic mountain village is far from hectic city life.

Timnath, CO

Population: 2,947 (2016 est.)
Elevation: 4,867 ft

Timnath is small community east of Fort Collins with easy access to I-25, the large corridor running south to Denver and Colorado Springs and north to the border. Situated on the Cache la Poudre River, Timnath is primarily an agricultural town.

Wellington, CO

Population: 8,516 (2016 est.)
Elevation: 5,200 ft

Wellington is considered the northern gateway to Colorado and is the northernmost town along I-25, Colorado’s main arterial highway.

Windsor, CO

Population: 22,776 (2016 est.)
Elevation: 4,797 ft

Windsor was settled in the late 1800s by German immigrants who farmed sugar beets in the rich farmland. Windsor incorporated in 1890 after the Greeley and Salt Lake Pacific laid 85 miles of railroad to transport sugar beets.

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